Our contract slitting service for your cutting-edge profit

Our Service for you

  • Contract slitting
  • Recoiling / Rewinding / Packing
  • Thermal treatment
  • Material testing

Contract slitting

Aluminium strips of any alloy can be slitted according to your individual requirements. Thanks to the contact-free brake system, even high-class or coated aluminium strips can be slitted without any damage to their surface.

Strip- / Foil-thicknesses: 0,03 - 1,50 mm
Cutting widths: 2 - 800 mm (in steps from 0,005 mm)

Recoiling / Rewinding / Packing

Optimise your manufacturing processes with ANOFOL

Straight-edge winding, change of inner and/or outer diameter, removing of interleaving paper as well as an optimised packing for a better handling are among the services that ANOFOL can offer you according to your specification, which would increase the efficiency of your production processes.

Coil- Inner Diameter: 150, 300, 400, 500 mm (Cardboard- or Aluminium core)
Coil- Outer Diameter: up to 1600 mm

Packaging: "Eye to Sky" (horizontal as a 6 or 9), "Eye to Wall" (vertical), wooden boxes (sea- and air freight), pallets or cardboard packing, with wooden or cardboard interlayers, with protection against corrosion.

Thermal treatment

In our ANOFOL annealing furnace we are able to anneal aluminium strips to the temper O (soft).

Material testing

Determination of the electrical conductivity as well as mechanical properties like thickness and width, determination of tensile strength Rm, elongation A50 and yield strength Rp0.2