Develop your projects and create your ideas together with us! We would be glad to share our many years of experience together with a well equipped manufacturing and laboratory area in order to develop and produce new products together with you.

Many advantages with using anodised aluminium strip or wire as well as the high precision coil manufacturing of ANOFOL will also may lead to new approaches in classic electronic applications.

"The impossible is often only the untried."

Let us work together lateral thinking and actively realise new ideas.

Here some examples:

Aluminum Raw Strip

Inductive Components:

  • Transformer -, Reactor-windings made of ANOFOL aluminium strips resp. foils.


  • Joining techniques of optical fibre trust in ANOFOL aluminium strips, world wide.


  • Alternativ to our anodised aluminium strips some customer are using ANOFOL aluminium raw strips with intermediate insulation material for producing lifting magnets.

Cable industry:

  • Several cable manufacturers are using our thin foils or as well thick aluminium strips for hardening or perhaps shielding their cables.  Additional function of our ANOFOL aluminium strips could be a temporary conductor in case of short circuits.

Services / Contract slitting

Any kind of aluminium alloys can be slitted on our slitting lines according to your specification. Customers from widely ranging industries are regularly using our special ANOFOL quality.

Automotive and Industry:

  • PTC-heaters  in vehicles
  • Radiators and heat exchangers


  • Roller shutters, blinds, garage doors (flocked and coated strips)

Costumer market:

  • Razor brackets

Anodised Aluminium strips / Coils made of anodised Aluminium

  • Transformers / Reactors (aviation industries, rail technology)
  • Linear and Wheel hub motors (Drive technology)
  • Electromagnet for the separation industry (mechanical engineering)
  • Electro-magnetic actuators used in different industries (Automotive, Medical,  Metallurgy, Aviation)

Anodised Aluminium Wire

  • Litz wire used as an induction heater cable


  • High intense electromagnets for separation of minerals in a wet separation processes (mechanical engineering)