Anodised Aluminium Wire

... by the meter!

Diameter 0,30 - 1,50 mm*
Alloy Al99,7
Anodised layer 3-5 µm
Breakdown voltage ≥ 150 V AC (DIN EN ISO 2376)

*other diameters on request

In addtion to our anodised aluminium strips we also offer anodised aluminium wire, produced in a continuous endless production process.

The thin anodised layer offers an insulation resistant to high temperatures with excellent thermal conductivity. Our anodised aluminium wire can be optimal stranded to litz wire in an endless production process. The significant weight advantage (70% lower weight than copper) as well as the high temperature resistance offers new possibilities in the development and design of electrical components.

Example of application: Litz wire being used as an induction heater cable up to 500°C (932°F)